Jake Huffman - Martyr

January 06, 2023

We met Jake Huffman in August 2021 with "Just a Little More". At that moment, already, we knew that this extraordinary voice was going to keep us company for a long time.

Jake Huffman, long called Jake "the Drummer" Huffman, when he wowed everyone in the band McLovins, just released a new song and we're really excited for you to hear it!

If you look at his Instagram videos, you'll find covers of Blink-182 or Green Day. We like these bands or we don't, it's radical. But on my side, I grew up with these bands. And they strongly influenced the music that I myself wrote and recorded a few years later. And thanks to these videos, you will discover that Jake is a talented multi-instrumentalist. By the way, with his band, he shared the stage with Blink-182 or even Foster the People!

That's why I'm still drawn to the sound of Jake: this rock-influenced personality with so much authenticity in the songwriting and vocal performance. His new single, "Martyr", out now on all platforms, winks at this episode of "drummer in a band", because the first seconds of the intro only contain drums. Then this impressive voice strikes from the first line with words of rare power.

This new track, from his upcoming EP, explores in depth the contradictions of being human, as Jake Said:

"The lyrics aren't about what I personally believe. Everywhere I look people are spouting their beliefs while contradicting themselves in the same breath. The world has become so polarizing and I wanted this song to encapsulate that energy."

Yes, human beings are very complicated to understand sometimes. And we have been able to see it more in the last three years. The song is just a clever observation of things as they are, with a lot of foresight and the necessary distance.

Building gradually, with an effective bass line and incredibly energizing guitar riffs, "Martyr" ends in apotheosis, with backing vocals that will have you sing along for hours. There's a certain addictive power in this song that I don't mind. It's your turn to shoot the repeat button.

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