I, The Mountain - Fade Away

January 25, 2023

We're very glad to welcome back the Canadian band I, The Mountain with their latest single "Fade Away" for their 3rd IMC Feature. It's a beautifully crafted indie-folk song that showcases Matt's emotive and raw vocals.

The song is written straight from the heart of the lead singer, and it tells the story of the pain and heartache of losing a loved one, as he told us:

"It was written during the last year of my 10-year relationship/5-year marriage. The song has acted as a sort of catharsis for me. A mourning set to music. An expression of the pain one feels when losing their best friend, their lover or a piece of themselves".

The lyrics are relatable and honest, which adds depth to the overall listening experience. The clever and unique mix of electric guitar and piano that opens the song immediately captures the listener's attention and sets the tone for the rest of the track. The interplay between the electric guitar and piano gives the song a dynamic and emotional depth that adds to the overall listening experience. The song's build-up is slow, but it reaches a powerful climax with vocal harmonies that will leave you feeling a mix of emotions. The outro is also noteworthy, as it features the piano alone, which is an unusual instrument for this band.

Overall, "Fade Away" is a must-listen song for both fans of indie-folk and indie-rock music as its a perfect genre crossing. It's a powerful, emotional and authentic track, which showcases the band's talents and the singer's ability to express their feelings through music, whether it's an upbeat folksy track like "Dreaming Out Loud", or a slower one like this gem.

Just like French wine, they're just getting better over time, and they're never deceiving. I, The Mountain is a band that bears its name very well: they are able to climb Everest, plant a Canadian flag at the top, and shower the world with their love and their musical poetry. How could we say no?

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