Hugo Valentine - Memories

December 10, 2019

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Would you like to get some emotions again? Noted! Here is your order.

Delivered directly from London, Hugo Valentine's 3rd single has appeared as a flashing light in the long list of songs we receive daily.

As if the song shouted at us "take meeeee", with its flashy Orange cover so as not to be missed.

Once the play button is engaged, we discover a pleasant piano, very fine and above all very well mastered.

When Hugo begins to sing, we know immediately that it will be high-flying.

His voice alone is enough to trigger a feeling of well-being in our ears.

It puts us at ease, confidence, and we feel at home, wherever we are.

When he sings "Won't you set me free" in the chorus, we become aware of all the emotional dimension of the track, by warm backing vocals and a delicious violin.

The female voices, however discreet during the chorus, offer themselves a more important and deserved place during the second verse.

The second chorus, more intense than the first, becomes a rise in power as we like them, in a breathtaking final part, full of good vibes.

The song evokes the nostalgia of childhood. It is written from the point of view of the adult Hugo looking at the child Hugo.

And he describes adulthood as a kind of prison, hence his repeated request for release in the chorus.

An artist inspired by Coldplay and Elton John, who always had a piano in his hands, even when he was little, when it was a toy.

He has obviously succeeded in using it better than anyone, to now make the whole world dream with the help of a real piano.

Well done sir!