Hugo Valentine - All I Want

February 07, 2020

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Hugo Valentine is a safe bet, and a rising star of indie music.

His latest single "Memories" broke the records on Indie Music Center (one of the most read articles in 2019), and everywhere else, since it has accumulated more than 165,000 plays.

Suffice to say that he had set the bar very high, and that he was expected around the corner.

Successful bet, with this new single "All I Want", which is released today.

Another track full of colors, beautiful harmonies, and emotional power, as we like them!

We particularly appreciate the writing, always so neat, and the quality of the production, which would make any Bruno Mars or other accomplice of the genre pale.

Rightly named, a few days before Valentine's Day, our London artist seems ready to explode the scores and water the entire planet with his good humor and positive waves.