Hope DeLuca - We'll See

August 25, 2023

Today on IMC, we offer you a new amazing meeting. Let's go to Boston to meet Hope DeLuca, just over 20 years old, who will release a debut album this year.

Halfway between Alt Pop and Indie-Folk, her new single "We'll See", second single off of it, released today, ticks all the boxes to delight you!

First of all, her writing style: Hope writes with her heart and invites us into the song thanks to very immersive lyrics: "Are you a fan of coffee? I know a place on 23rd". Ready to accept the invitation?

According to Hope, the song "encapsulates the beginning stages of a relationship", and we very quickly find ourselves witnessing a budding love story, with its stammerings, its hesitations, and its excitement.

Carried by warm vocals and a comforting tone of voice (sometimes reminiscent of other IMC Artists like Jesse Brady or Etaoin), "We'll See" is a bouncy little gem that will keep you singing along for days. Women are rare in the indie-folk universe and it's a pleasure to welcome Hope with this dazzling track!

We found no fault with this song, which immediately takes us on a sunny day, and if with your earphones in your ears, you come across someone smiling at you, don't hesitate to smile at them too. What could happen next? We'll see!

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