High Tropics - Waterfalls

November 20, 2020

Our thoughts about the song :

It is certain that High Tropics has a gift for creating unforgettable melodies ... and above all, very catchy. And it starts right from the start, with acapella vocals that make you want to sing along with him. We had already presented these Australian to you in June 2018 with the excellent 'Wait for You', which we still have in mind! The melodies of High Tropics are timeless. They cross the years and always bring us good humor and motivation. 'Waterfalls', available on all platforms, is an indie-rock jewel that makes you want to prolong the summer. Ah. How stupid we are! It's summer in Australia. Maybe that's why Josh invites us to enjoy life and let go. And after everything we've been through this year, we have the right! Thanks to a production of the most successful and refined that we have seen so far, Josh imposes his style, between indie-rock and surf-rock, and immediately wins our approval. And we are not mistaken. Our artist already brings together more than 50K monthly aficionados on Spotify and this is just the beginning. Track after track, High Tropics made its way, and made a name for himself. A sure value of the indie scene. Let's play this track on repeat in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track daily on the Indie Music Radio.

High Tropic's point of view :

In terms of what the song is about, I think it's me just trying to let go of things. I can be pretty neurotic a lot of the time, worrying about things that have already happened, or worrying about tomorrow.

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Biography :

Dubbed as “infectious garage pop” by Rolling Stone magazine, High Tropics is the moniker of Queensland based songwriter Josh Stewart and his band. Formed as an outlet to house songs outside of the now defunct garage rock outfit The Ninjas, Stewart’s DIY home recordings quickly caught the attention of esteemed US label Roll Call records, who put out the project’s first two singles in 2017. Coming off a busy year that saw the band break out internationally with singles “You Never Made it Easy” and “Wait for You” – which amassed over half a million combined streams online – in September 2018, Stewart and gang were selected to represent Australia in the Project Aloft Star Asia competition, held in conjunction with Universal Music Group and Aloft Star hotels in Seoul, South Korea. The performance marked the band’s first international show and onscreen appearance.


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