Hazlett - Tell Me What You Dream About

November 10, 2022

Hazlett did it again. His new single "Tell Me What You Dream About" has been released last Friday and caught our attention. This is why you're actually reading his third feature on IMC in just three months.

Still with deep roots in indie-folk, Hazlett adds a touch of indie-pop to this new single which, much like Allison Leah's "24 Years Down", invites us to pause and reflect on our current place in this world. Stopping everything, and thinking for a moment, is something that we tend to forget in recent years because algorithms capture most of our attention.

Looking back a little on what we have already accomplished, and imagining what we will be able to do in the future. Does that sound abstract to you? Maybe it's because you never took the time to do it, but believe us, it's worth it! For Hazlett, anyway, it led him straight to recording this fabulous gem:

"I tried to picture what my future self would be telling me if we were friends. Waiting for me, cheering me on, and reminding me of everything I've done so far. I think we forget that we need to encourage ourselves from time to time".

With a melody decidedly crafted for a road trip, this new single is like a breath of fresh air, as Hazlett so aptly explains: "I think you need to step out of your own self to see things clearly sometimes. Life becomes pretty heavy when you can't brush by a little inconvenience or the fear of failing".

If you understood the meaning of the song, and you intend to start thinking about your future, we can already give you a clue: Hazlett's debut album, "Bloom Mountain", will be released on January 13, 2023, via Nettwerk, and will feature the bangers "Skin", "Everybody Hates Me", "Even If It's Lonely", "Oh Downhill", and of course, this new single. We can tell you that here, we are really impatient to listen to it, because we know that it will be 1000% quality.

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