Harrison Storm - Stone

September 01, 2023

Today, we have the privilege of delving into the world of Australian indie-folk sensation Harrison Storm. Since our initial encounter with his artistry back in 2019, we've been on a mesmerizing journey through his soul-stirring music. With every release, Harrison Storm's music hits like an emotional downpour, leaving us drenched in feelings and longing for more. Today, we explore his latest offering, "Stone," a poignant single that serves as a glimpse into his upcoming album, "Wonder, Won't You?" set to grace our ears on January 12th, courtesy of Nettwerk.

Navigating the Storm

To understand Harrison Storm's music is to embrace a tempest of emotions. His melodies, akin to waves crashing on the shores of vulnerability, resonate with listeners on profound levels. Storm's artistry lies in his ability to craft emotionally charged, unforgettable melodies while weaving relatable narratives with ease. In the realm of Australian indie-folk, he reigns as an undisputed luminary.

"Stone" emerges as the latest testament to Harrison Storm's lyrical prowess and musical finesse. It was during the lockdown, a period marked by isolation and introspection, that the song's seeds were sown. In those moments of solitude, when the world beyond the confines of his home seemed distant, Storm grappled with anxiety. It was during these tumultuous times that he experienced a transformative epiphany.

The chorus, "I'd rather be alone than together now," encapsulates the essence of "Stone." For Storm, solitude was not a negative spiral but rather a necessary cocoon for self-reflection and growth. The song's lyrical landscape paints a portrait of loneliness—an emotion that may appear daunting at first glance but often harbors hidden gifts.

In a world perpetually connected and bombarded by notifications, true moments of solitude have become scarce. However, it is within these moments that creativity often finds its purest form. Many artists have drawn inspiration from the embrace of solitude in recent years, and Harrison Storm is no exception. His creativity, already a force to be reckoned with, gained newfound depth during this period of enforced downtime. The "new" Harrison Storm that emerged from this experience is nothing short of astounding.

A Gem of Artistry

"Stone" stands as a testament to Harrison Storm's songwriting prowess. It invites listeners on a profound journey into the singer-songwriter's innermost emotions, immersing them in a well of melancholy. Storm's genius as a lyricist is on full display, evident in the subtle nod to the album's title within the song's lyrics.

Accompanied by a stunning music video shot at sunset on rugged cliffs, "Stone" encourages introspection and celebrates the merits of solitude. It prompts us to ask questions, savor moments of self-discovery, and appreciate the profound growth that solitude can offer.

As you listen to "Stone," be prepared to disconnect from the noise of the world, allowing this masterpiece to resonate deeply within you. It's a track that beckons you to embrace the storm within and find solace in the beauty of Harrison Storm's artistry.

Note: "Stone" marks the third feature of Harrison Storm on IMC, and we eagerly await his induction into the IMC Family following his fifth feature. His potential knows no bounds.

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