Goodbye "Music For Your Heart", Welcome to "Indie Music Center"

February 07, 2019

Hi everyone !

Music For Your Heart had something more to offer. Much more for our readers who will soon discover new features (not just reviews and playlists), and even more for the artists to promote their music in a simple, practical, and autonomous way.

The blog will soon be restructured and the new formula will be very focused on discovery. You will be able to spend hours there, without leaving it, and to make more musical discoveries. This new version will be delivered in English to reach even more people in the world, but the quality of the music we offer will not change.

The music will simply be more accessible and better organized.

The name will change, with a new logo, but not the quality of the content. Now, when you will come here, it's now called "Indie Music Center". This is our new name.

We hope you'll like it. Stay tuned, some beautiful musical pearls await you for the next weeks. Time to refuel, and here we are!