Golden - Burning Alive

November 11, 2022

Matteo Schwanengel aka Golden is a German songwriter and producer. He already worked with legendary American producer Mike Dean (The Weeknd, Beyoncé). How crazy is that?

It may sound hard to believe but "Burning Alive" is his debut single. It's a self-reflective track that, as the artist said, "sets itself somewhere between Imagine Dragons, Lil Peep and Billie Eilish".

Golden knows that he can’t determine if he can endure the intensity of his inner flames or whether the fire will destroy him trying. And the least we can say is that this song is the fire itself! With breathtaking vocals, like a cry for help, Golden captured our attention with the wonderful electric-guitar intro, and we found the track was too short!

If you're a bit tired of everything that is going on actually, this song may speak to you and will hook you with a wonderful and catchy melody. And the final part is definitely the main message of this song: be there for someone, as the singer says "I won't let you down".

"Burning Fire" is one of the most successful debut singles we've ever heard. We'll have to watch this artist closely!

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