Gina Brooklyn - No More Hiding

June 26, 2020

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We're going to tell you a secret.

In the radio sector, where we have worked for 20 years, there is rule of thumb: if a catchy chorus comes before 50 seconds, it is a hit.

And Gina Brooklyn offers us this structure in her new single "No More Hiding".

After a rather calm first verse, the chorus arrives at exactly 46 seconds, and what a chorus! What a vocal power!

Strong emotions are present and the captivating atmosphere of the song has its effect.

A fluid writing, bordering on perfection, and a divinely well mastered voice, allow us to call this track a "masterpiece".

Co-written in LA with Dan Epand, Gina imagined herself being in a desert with some troubles. And it shows in the result!

A very powerful indie folk ballad, carried by wonderful choirs in the final part.

You'll also find it in our "Indie Folk Gems" Spotify playlist!


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