Gert Taberner - To Break

August 15, 2023

First feature for Gert Taberner on IMC. And probably not the last! The artist was born in Frankfurt (Germany) and is now based in Vancouver. His career took off in 2016 following the release of his EP "Fallen", and the track of the same title currently has more than 14 million streams on Spotify.

But life and its failings have been there in the meantime. Gert lost his dad to lung cancer in 2020, then his mom to cancer in 2022.

As Gert said: "Our mom didn't want to go to the hospital at the end. We took her home and were able to take care of her there. There was this lightness and warmth in terms of the way we treated each other a couple of days before she passed. It was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life -- in a bittersweet way".

Yes, Gert took care of her until the last moment, helped by his sister. The artist looks back on this traumatic event with a perspective and lucidity that arouses respect and admiration in his new single "To Break", out last Friday.

Using her last memories, and probably the most intense, the song then came to life in a natural and logical way, as the artist confides: "We had a specific conversation where she was confidant and told us she was done. 'To Break' is about being confronted with that farewell".

Admittedly, the song evokes a rather sad period of Gert's life, and opens with a simple acoustic guitar... Gradually carried by more and more instruments, a magic bass line, and finally drums that come clear the horizon in the final part.

Beautiful vocal harmonies come to sublimate the whole, between poetry and nostalgia, where the pain fades little by little to give way to hope. As if the clouds had dissipated to let in a ray of sunshine, the end of the song will leave you frozen, with a tear in your eye, witnessing this incredible moment of beauty that you have just experienced.

A masterpiece to share with anyone who might need it.

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