Genesis Ritchot - What My Parents Had

September 23, 2022

For two years now, Genesis Ritchot has been delighting us with delicate and elaborate melodies. With each release, the Canadian artist amazes us a little more.

Often evoking romantic relationships, Genesis masters the art of metaphor and is able to draw in our minds the images that accompany each song. Few artists have this power to infiltrate your mind to draw cinematic sequences there.

Taken from his new album "Decades and Chance", out today (listen to it below), "What My Parents Had" is a very moving folk ballad where the artist confides his doubts about his current relationship, not necessarily evolving as he would have liked. Drawing a parallel with the tumultuous relationship of his parents, the artist exposes himself in this song which seems like a confession of his greatest fears. All with flawless elegance, through vocals mastered to perfection. Each line has its own emotion. To date, it's probably his most personal song ever.

It would appear that his partner's parents had a more ideal relationship, and the singer says he would rather have the same relationship as his in-laws than his own parents. The desire to start a family shines through every line.

Very melodious, "What My Parents Had" is a real nugget that makes you want to discover the whole album. An album that brings together his previous singles (which you have been able to discover over the months on IMC), and also some unreleased tracks that the artist has shared on his Instagram in the form of short teasers. For us, fans of the artist for a long time, this is not an album. But a real treat.

Finally, good news: this is Genesis Ritchot's fifth feature on IMC, so you know what it means: he joins the IMC Family! Welcome!

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