Genesis Ritchot - I Lose Track of Time

August 18, 2023

We say it often (and even very often) on IMC: the world of indie music is both very vast (because there are many tracks to discover every Friday) and at the same time very small (because we quickly realize that everyone knows everyone). For example, we were delighted to see that three of our artists shared the same stage recently (Dom Malin, Thomas LaVine and Vintz Desert).

It is therefore not so surprising to see that Vintz Desert and Genesis Ritchot joined forces to create a new masterpiece: "I Lose Track of Time".

Although he recently became a father, Genesis Ritchot is unstoppable and continues to chain releases, each one better than the other. He had also told us in an interview on the “Indie Hour” podcast that he had enough songs in stock to be able to continue enjoying time with his son and delight fans with new nuggets.

Very chill and emotional, "I Lose Track of Time" is still a calm and powerful track of which only Genesis Ritchot has the secret of the recipe. We're not going to dwell on the vocals, excellent as always, and which alone are enough to give you chills.

But the writing, on the other hand, deserves some praise. Always on horseback between poetry, romanticism, and idealism, the pen of Genesis still touches the listeners like an arrow in the middle of their hearts. And manages to trigger in us surprising emotional adrenaline peaks.

The construction of the song was done gradually, around verses and pre-choruses that Vintz Desert had already written. The pre-choruses were then the choruses. Then the personal touch of Genesis was added to create the melody of the current choruses. While respecting the universe that Vintz had created. A real teamwork that works wonderfully, and that is very coherent. Vintz is present on the song, you will hear his voice in the wonderful vocal harmonies.

Very acoustic and organic, the poetry of the fantastic duo flows like a smooth river: "When I'm with you, my mind's on fire, it's burning with hopes and fears". Hey, that reminds me of an album by the English band Keane, released almost 20 years ago, called "Hopes & Fears". If that doesn't mean anything to you, I'll add that in this album we found the hits "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Everybody's Changing". This album has sold over 13 million copies worldwide. We wish Genesis Ritchot the same success with this song and this little wink, which was not intentional, but which gives us hope for a bright future for him.

His new life as a dad is doing him quite well and can only draw a clear horizon.

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