Gabriele Catoni - Winter

January 20, 2023

While our Australian and New Zealand friends are enjoying their summer, in Europe and throughout the Northern Hemisphere, winter has set in. And this leads to a rather funny situation: today, January 20, I have to work in the dark. Indeed, my office is located under the roof, and the electric shutter is blocked by frost. It's definitely Winter here! With all the atmosphere that implies. Sometimes a little morose, with all these trees laid bare, but above all poetic, with changes of color in the landscapes where the snow sometimes invites itself.

Apart from the Alps in its northern part, Italy is a country where it hardly ever snows. Yet Italian artist Gabriele Catoni managed to portray this sometimes-loved, sometimes-hated season in a beautiful song released today, in collaboration with singer Clementine. Written more than a year ago, the song finally sees the light of day, and since its creation, Gabriele imagined a female voice singing with him.

Perfectly capturing the nostalgia often brought by winter and its walks in the cold, "Winter" is a little indie-folk gem built around wonderful vocal harmonies, and a successful mix of acoustic guitar, piano, and violin.

Riding on the pervasive sense of nostalgia and romance, the song evokes memories of the past, those walks in the park where the trees are covered in snow, listening to Bon Iver. And above all asks this question: "How many freezing hearts won't stand the cold?" or other questions about long-distance love relationships.

"Winter" is a real jewel of musical architecture, combining atmospheres that everything opposes: relatively cold and melancholy lyrics, on a warm and comforting melody.

Discovered on IMC at the end of October 2021, Gabriele Catoni delights us with this second feature, and we can't wait to hear what will come out next.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Winter" on our "Indie Music Center" playlist on Spotify.


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