Friday Releases - October 1st, 2021

October 01, 2021

Welcome to October! As the leaves keep falling from the trees, so do the amazing songs. Another beautiful musical journey today, which we are pleased to offer you. No need for a health pass or a vaccine to savor this world tour of sound sensations, meeting artists with varied musical universes but all with one huge common point: exceptional quality. And at the end of this column, we'll welcome a new IMC Family member! Our beautiful journey starts with Saint Djuni's incredible release!


Saint Djuni - Human

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If you like the happy vibes of Gorillaz or Imagine Dragons, with a huge production that rocks, you will fall in love with the new single from the duo Saint Djuni. Besides, I just realized when finishing this sentence, that they had mentioned Gorillaz in their "similar artists". So I was not mistaken.

Having already made an appearance on our Spotify playlist with "Good To Be Home" earlier this year, the remote band (Curaçao & Sweden) is back with a track that could stick to your mind for hours, even days or weeks. And thus become your new favorite.

Do not be too fooled by the first verse which is quite calm, you will feel your heart take off just before the first-minute mark, with a colorful chorus, comprising incredibly high but controlled notes and beautiful backing vocals which bring a touch of the exotic.

Like a trip around the world in 3 minutes, Saint Djuni balances their multiple influences right in the face for a breathtaking result, and we can even say brilliant. I'm still speechless. We have to warn: you are going to sing along.


The Satellite Station - Trouble

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After Thomas LaVine yesterday, let's meet another artist from the IMC Family!

"Trouble" is the new single from The Satellite Station, released today on alexrainbirdrecords. If you've been following our posts over the past few weeks, you might have checked out his previous single "Brighter Side", released on September 10th. And you too may find the contrast between the two singles quite striking!

Much quieter, on a much slower tempo, "Trouble" is probably the smoothest song Travis has ever released. And probably one of our favorites, for sure!

 If you don't feel comfortable with the past, maybe you should focus on the present and the people you love? This is the message behind this pretty ballad, enhanced by a mixture of organic instruments (acoustic guitar and piano) and also an electric guitar, which is rarer for The Satellite Station. Travis works hard, tirelessly, on his songs, and when he shows up at the door of the Courtstreet Recording studio, the magic operates, thanks to the complicity of Michael, his faithful friend and producer (who also works with Zack Fletcher, whose we spoke to you last Sunday).

The vocal performance on "Trouble" is undoubtedly the most beautiful Travis has given us so far, every note contains emotion, and the result is quite stunning. If you don't feel any goosebumps while listening to this song, then I can retire early.


Arliston - Centre

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At Indie Music Center, we never featured a song called "Centre". It is done. We have our hymn.

It is in London that you will have the best chance to meet the band Arliston, who's releasing a new single today.

A very powerful track, sometimes cinematic, somewhat reminiscent of the Manchester Hurts duo. The same power, the same energy, and a very catchy melody that stays in mind.

The vocal performance is quite impressive here, with varying intensity, and mastered to perfection. Bands with a strong vocal identity are quite rare these days, and Arliston, like Imagine Dragons, have succeeded in creating both a vocal identity and a musical universe of their own.

"Center" is magnificent, with contrasts between the darkness of the atmosphere and the luminosity of the vocals. But the band did not stop at the auditory aspect. They also accompanied the song with an incredible music video, full of poetry and emotion, which perfectly matches the universe of the song. Like a lyric video, the lyrics are perfectly arranged with a few clever nods to the text.

Such a high level of quality is rather surprising, and their Spotify is full of nuggets, each better than the next. A promising band to watch closely.


Hello Darling - From Me To You

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Now let's go to Nashville (yes, we know, as often), to meet a wonderful duo: Grace Russell and Patrick Armould, who make music under the name Hello Darling.

And the least we can say is that they are aptly named. With a warm and welcoming musical universe, it was hard to resist the catchy chorus of their new single "From Me To You".

The song "talks about living your entire life looking for something that seems so easy to reach but at the same time is so hard to reach."

After the eighteen months that we have just gone through, we must admit that we can be a little lost, sometimes.

But Hello Darling is forging a straight road to success, with their incredible vocal harmonies and flawless writing.

We appreciated the differences of power and intensity of this very folky piece, which includes instruments that we love (acoustic guitar and piano, but not only).

As has often been said on IMC, the bridge is always the most delicate part of a song. For artists, it's all or nothing. Some fear this part which requires creativity. And others are very comfortable in this challenge, like Hello Darling. The bridge is probably the most impressive part of the song.

"From Me To You" is a fairly long track, since it is nearly five minutes long. But honestly, we don't see the time passing. It's like she's only been doing two minutes. We even have a feeling of "too short", but we take pleasure in listening again and again.


Jenny Kern - Alone

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We're ending our trip to Brooklyn to make a big announcement. If you are loyal to IMC, you will have noticed that this is Jenny Kern's 5th feature. You will therefore have understood that she is joining the IMC Family today! Welcome, Jenny!

Jenny is an artist that we introduced to you in 2019 and who, since then, has continued to progress and amaze us with her releases. Each song is always better than the last, and, like her friend Travis (The Satellite Station), you always wonder how she does it.

It is true that her wonderful voice may have a lot to do with it. Because this unique and warm voice, even in the darkest atmospheres, manages to convey intense emotions. Even the smallest emotion passes, through magnificent nuances and differences of intensity. Jenny is what we call a genius of art.

"Alone" is the latest single from her "I Never Thought That You Were Listening" EP, out today (we love the title, by the way!), and possibly the most emotional song she has ever released to date, as she told us:

"It's a song I wrote when I was in the deepest spiral of being alone. I felt like no one was listening. With everything going on in the world over the last two years, “Alone” feels like a ritual. It’s probably one of the darkest but most honest songs I’ve written. It came from a place of hopelessness. In this song, I’m calling out for answers into an empty, lonely void, both in darkness and light, and receiving nothing back. While it’s sad, it’s really me on a path of self-discovery and searching for meaning in a dark and unforgiving world."

The final part, combining several violins, and discreet backing vocals that gain in intensity, is incredibly beautiful. And Jenny still achieves this feat: to give us goosebumps.

We will never get tired of her natural talent for songwriting. Some artists will tell you that there is no such thing as talent: it's just practice. It's up to you to make up your own mind. But on our side, we are convinced that the musical adventure of Jenny Kern is only at its beginning, and its rise will be vertiginous. And we are delighted to welcome this new queen of emotions to the IMC Family.


Written by Niko. All songs added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify.


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