Friday Releases Oct 18, 2019

October 18, 2019

Limón Limón - Wasting Time

Here is a little gem to start these Friday Releases, offered by Limón Limón . It's fresh, and it makes you want to dance from the first notes. Even if the lyrics already convey a certain melancholy. The idea of ​​being the guy in the queue for a girl, and giving her everything she dreams of, is like an obsession in this song. With a very pleasant summer side, the song speaks to us about a difficult subject, but leaves us with a very good impression. We had a great time with this duo from Los Angeles. And we hope to receive more in the future.


A Choir of Ghosts - An Ounce of Gold

Well, after Los Angeles, we take the plunge to Sweden. A country where incredible talents can be found almost on every corner! And A Choir of Ghosts is no exception. An incredible folk feeling, from the first seconds, until the very end of the song. Beautiful vocal harmonies, a very intense melody, and here we are: we have found a folk gem. A gold bar, even. We promise you it's even better if you listen loudly through good headphones. Another proof that the music stands the test of time, since this song was written by the artist 10 years ago. But it fits perfectly with the world of indie music today. And the lyrics can still speak to everyone. Bonus: the video, simple, but very well done!


Pikes - Honey Wasp

Come on, as we are in Sweden, we will stay there a little longer! We told you: there are tons of talents here! Let's meet Pikes , an incredible artist who looks like he's come straight out of the 80s with his pop synths. A good summer feeling for the month of October with this formidable title. The song is about jealousy, a rather rare writing theme, since it's quite dark, in general. But the artist succeeded in bringing this theme to light thanks to an ultra-luminous composition. The song is perfectly mastered. And the melody very quickly becomes a drug. You are going to have a hard time finding the "Stop" button.


Just Drive - Running

It's a crazy Friday, this week with only good things to put in the ears! "Running" is about time, the time you run over and over, after discovering that a relationship was based on lies. This powerful track was sent to us by Just Drive, an indie rock band of 4 fantastic guys from Bridgend (UK). The chorus is so catchy that when we got the song, the chorus ran through our heads for hours and hours! It's a bit crazy to know that a song can take control of our brain at this point. But for an artist or a group: it's all won! Because it means that they aimed right in the middle of the target!


Jotsey - Colours

Also from the UK, this is Jotsey. "Colors", released today, is a powerful ballad with a very heady chorus, where the voice reminds us of a mix of Charlie Puth and Ed Sheeran. But there is a little something more: originality. Because it sounds good, professional, and a small piano is welcome to make a difference. Believe it or not, even if it's hard to believe: this is Jotsey's very first single! Not bad for a first! We couldn't have asked for more. It's just perfect! Well done, man!

Available on Spotify and Apple Music.


Vandalye - Sydnee's Calling

Finally, we go to warm up in Dubai, to meet Vandalye. From the first seconds, the voice enchants us. A great success, both from the point of view and the melody as from the point of view of the song, which we have absolutely nothing to reproach. The theme of the song is simple. He talks about Sydnee, a young friend of the singer, who left too early, at the age of only 15. As soon as they heard the news, they got together and wrote this song for her. While the story behind this song is quite sad, the band managed to add the necessary brightness to make it a well-crafted little pop-folk gem. We loved the powerful choruses and the backing vocals which still add a little emotion. Very nice discovery in the land of the scorching sun.