Friday Releases Nov 17, 2023

November 17, 2023

Hello hello, music lovers! We're glad to be back to IMC and finally being able to relaunch your favorite "Friday Releases" column. And the first one of the season is really interesting because it only features artists who've never been featured on IMC. Ready for some goosebumps?


Dylan Perkons - Good News

If you come to IMC, it's probably to disconnect from the flow of negativity that we see on the news. And maybe you arrive here saying in your head "Give me good news!". And you know what? You are not alone! Because that's exactly what Dylan Perkons sings, in his new single "Good News" out today.

We are not dealing with a beginner here, Dylan has already surrounded himself with producers and recording engineers recognized in Canada, and he is currently completing a degree in music technology. Believe it or not, “Good News” is his first release in 4 years. What a shame to have deprived us of this talent for so long! But it's time to catch up!

This song was written before the pandemic. Kind of funny, when you know what happened next. With a warm voice that transports emotions at the speed of light, Dylan quickly creates a cozy atmosphere and you feel so comfortable that you close your eyes and let yourself be carried away into his world. The production is very elaborate, with beautiful vocal harmonies, and small details that you won't hear without good-quality headphones. A real gem, refined to the millimeter by a goldsmith of emotions. A newcomer to IMC that you may see again in our columns.

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" and "New IMC Friday" playlists on Spotify.

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Keelan X - Fresh Paint

Keelan left his gear aside for (too?) many years in his parent's attic. Luckily for us, in 2021, he got his hands on it again. Having grown up in the 90s with a father who had been using synthesizers since the '70s, this kind of sound definitely speaks to me.

A clever mix of infectious indie-pop and 80s retro vibes make “Fresh Paint” an invitation to dance, but also to reflection. What happens in the relationship when the person in front of you doesn't even know what they want?

A super catchy melody, careful production down to the smallest detail, and voila! You'll find yourself nodding along to this banger that's both contemporary and nostalgic, bringing back old memories.

Added to our "Indie Pop Center" and "New IMC Friday" playlists on Spotify.

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Meir Levine - All Your Worries

Another newcomer on IMC. And for us, new encounters are important. They generally mark the start of a beautiful and long adventure. Now let's go to Brooklyn, to meet Meir Levine.

“All Your Worries” has just been released, with a very impactful music video where the artist stages himself in fights (literally). Personally, having been bullied at school for more than 10 years (as I explain in the podcast released Wednesday), it was easy for me to relate to this awesome track. Especially with powerful lines like “And honestly, the jokes on me / You never even asked me anything.”

Meir Levine's voice sometimes reminds me of that of IMC Family member Dom Malin. The kind of voice that can convey all emotions with rare intensity. “All Your Worries,” musically, is a time bomb that explodes in the final part. Oh yes, we love this kind of construction, you know that. You came to IMC today to get your dose of thrills, right? This song ticks all the boxes.

With influences like Bon Iver, Meir Levine immerses us in old sounds, and we feel this little nostalgic side in his music. The vocal harmonies are very well crafted, and the mastery of power is quite incredible, whether musically or visually, in the music video. Another favorite to play on repeat.

Added to our "Indie Folk Center" and "New IMC Friday" playlists on Spotify.

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That's all for today! Stay tuned for new song discoveries in the next episode! If you're a musician and would like your music to be featured in "Friday Releases", please send us your music via SubmitHub. We can't wait to hear from you!