Frank Follows - Like You

November 11, 2022

Some electric guitar notes in the intro. Then warm and soulful vocals. We are already seduced.

Yes! Within seconds, "Like You", had already grabbed our full attention. We stopped everything we were doing and turned up the sound on our headphones to enjoy it a little bit more. And when the full band appears around 1:40, we had an inevitable thought that crossed our mind: "ah, we've been missing bands like this for a long time"!

Frank Follows are three friends from Stockholm, Sweden: Adrian, Olof, and Måns. And we took a little slap when we read that "Like You" was their debut release. It's quite hard to believe, as the level of quality is very high. And yet... It's really their very first single ever, heralding a debut album to come, "Flight Thoughts".

Catchy as hell, with an energetic and perfectly balanced vocal performance, and a very professional production, "Like You" has a euphoric effect. Like putting your fingers in the socket when you're not sure what to do with your life.

Stop for a moment, reflect, and take some distance. This song is a little gem alternating very quiet parts and very powerful parts, a bit like the rollercoaster that our emotions can be sometimes.

With such a debut single, we can't wait to discover what's next! Frank Follows is definitely a band you're going to have to rely on. And no doubt you'll hear from them again on IMC.

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