Forrest - Ghost Like You

April 09, 2020

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When we heard the first notes of "Ghost Like You", the new single from Forrest, we didn't expect such an explosion of rock flavors.

At first, an Indie Rock band with a female singer. Wow, we already liked the concept until now.

But then... there... This voice is truly exceptional, by its charisma and its power.

The first 2 minutes are rather calm and soothing.

And it's at 2:22 that the song reveals all its energy, like fireworks.

Coming from California, the band amazes, with its daring mixture of slightly old-fashioned rock, like the Cranberries, and a touch of modernity thanks to today's production tools.

The result is really impressive. And when we hear the vocal flights of the singer, we remain stuck. Like "Whaaaaat?"!

In a musical universe, indie-rock, where everything seems tidy, "Ghost Like You" is a UFO.

The track breaks the codes and the rules, thanks to a perfectly mastered emotion, from start to finish.

Taken from the "Temper" EP, which also includes 3 other audio monuments to discover, including "Mass Pike", which surprises with its unexpected final part.

A masterpiece to find in our April 2020 Spotify playlist, but also in the now cult "Indie Rock Killers" playlist.

Remember the name Forrest name. You may see them again somewhere!


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