FNTN - Setting Sun

February 10, 2023

"Setting Sun" by FNTN is a nostalgic and introspective journey through the sounds of classic rock and indie. The band's ability to blend elements of different decades is crazy! As they said, it's a mix of 60s pop, 70s rock, 80s indie, and 90s shoegaze. And it definitely creates a unique musical universe of their own. It's true that we rarely share indie-rock songs, as it becomes really hard for us to find outstanding tracks. So trust us, this one is definitely worth a listen!

As the band confides, it's a "psychedelic surf rock song about moving on after losing a friend or romantic partner".

The wistful lyrics really contrast with the upbeat and joyful melody. The song's production is also noteworthy, with each part of the song recorded in different locations in California, adding a sense of place to the song. The melody is catchy as hell and the vocals are incredibly professional. Sometimes reminiscent of other Californian bands we love: Nite Tides or Limon Limon. Ready to sing along?

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