Firewoodisland - Golden

November 01, 2022

We've had Firewoodisland on our radar for a while now. And more particularly since their collab with The Satellite Station, the holder of the record of features on IMC. We were waiting for the perfect song to make us chill. Here it is.

Not really looking like a road trip song, it is nevertheless the subject of this new track, which tells the adventure of the duo from Bristol through several European countries, on a road trip that lasted 8 days, as Stian and Abi confide:

"We were traveling through Europe in a small rental car, picking up some Danish hitchhikers, filming music sessions on a breathtaking hillside, sneaking into a vineyard, and thinking they would end up dead in a backstreet in Albania. All in the space of 8 days, driving through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia, sleeping in sleeping bags in the car's two front seats. Not your average honeymoon".

It's true that it's not common, but at least this adventure gave birth to a beautiful song, at first a nice folk ballad that turns into a real emotional gem as it grows.

Between "Roundabouts of chaos" and nights in a sleeping bag on the seaside, "Golden" is like an open book that recounts this journey made of amazing encounters and unforgettable moments. With wonderful vocal harmonies and haunting saxophone in the background, the song will delight your hearing and your sense of imagination. You just have to close your eyes, and you imagine being part of the journey. A true masterpiece.

Stian tells us about this extraordinary adventure and the creative process in more detail in a vlog to watch below:

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