FIELDS - Berlin

April 25, 2020

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Taken from their debut album, "The Silence Of Staying In", released a week ago (and which we highly recommend), "Berlin" is a folk ballad, full of emotion.

And that's why you find it on Indie Music Center.

FIELDS has succeeded in conveying strong emotions with just a guitar, a voice and a cello.

But the voice of their singer counts for a lot.

And spread a lot of comforting feelings, and to get through these tough times, we all need them.

A real delight to listen to in peace, for a very gentle weekend. 

Probably the calmest track on the album, "Berlin" imposes its relaxed and melancholic style, like a pause in the middle of the record.

Let yourself be seduced, too, by "Novelty" and its surprising final part which won't fail to raise your arm hairs vertically.

FIELDS is clearly, a band to watch this year!

A jewel of emotions to find in our April 2020 Spotify playlist.


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