Eveline - sunflower

November 25, 2022

Sometimes there are traumas that we drag behind us for a lifetime. And even more: over several generations. That's what we're going to talk about today, as we'll be discovering this masterpiece by Eveline, a German singer-songwriter to watch closely.

But let's look first at the artist and more particularly at the authentic human being who hides inside. Little Eveline grew up surrounded by a lot of insecurity, in a suburban environment, made up of concrete building floors and a lack of a clear horizon. Quite uncomfortable, the child then took refuge in writing and she began to write her first short story at the age of... 9! And when she was 13, she had already piled up more than 50 poems, short stories, and anecdotes! In books and movies, she found inspiration, but she always needed this dose of fiction, and the musicians who were her models were none other than Etta James or Freddy Mercury. In other words: very real legends.

Music, therefore, came naturally to her, and she had a blast into a rather pop and electronic musical universe until now, which you can discover on her Spotify. But the song you're about to hear today is the complete opposite of anything she's released before!

"sunflower" is a piano ballad, which slowly evolves into a ball of energy to give you memorable chills. The song hides many mysteries and surprises. And the first clue is in the title. Over the minutes, we witness the blossoming of the song as if it was a sunflower.

We also find these differences in contrasts in the stunning music video directed by Samuel B. Maria, mixing intimate parts, in a very dark and solitary universe, almost in black and white, and parts in color where the artist shines under the light projectors in front of an attentive audience who can only be captivated by her masterpiece, both musical and visual. And the contrast has been pushed down to the smallest detail, down to Eveline's hairstyle: very pulled back in the dark parts (giving her an almost sad and austere look), and relaxed and highlighted hair in the lit parts. A real stroke of genius to discover below.

Recounting her childhood traumas including the mistakes her parents may have made, for which she no longer blames them. Indeed, as we grow up, we discover that these mistakes our parents make also come from their own history, and sometimes their own childhood, as Eveline told us:

"I wrote this song about childhood trauma. But really not to accuse my parents of doing a shitty job. I know they tried the best they could. And I do have a lot of respect and love for them."

Young, lucid, and with an authentic talent, Eveline pushed creativity to the maximum on this song, using the 6/8 time technique. For the uninitiated in music, here is a quick little explanation that might help you:

6/8 time is another way of making music. And also another way of conveying emotions. This choice is for me irrefutable proof of exceptional talent and a high level of creativity. Maybe you didn't notice this difference the first time you listened. I completely agree with you, if you have never studied music, it is very difficult to spot this atypical construction.

"sunflower" is a jewel that deserves a lot of attention to understand all its secrets. But it's by far one of the most authentic songs we've heard on IMC.

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