Etaoin - Pale Damp Cheeks

March 06, 2021

I introduced you to Etaoin on January 8th with her debut single "Bedroom Walls". I had bet a lot on this young Irish artist, whose amazing voice blew me away.

And her personality is also fantastic. Even though the lyrics of her songs are sometimes a little sad, she is always in a good mood. We spent a little time chatting and sending each other pictures of our beautiful landscapes. I miss Ireland, it's been over 15 years since I set foot there.

Thanks to Etaoin, I find a little of this magic. 

I can't believe I almost missed her new single, "Pale Damp Cheeks". It was through an Instagram Story from one of our IMC Certified Artists, Taylor T, that I found out about this song. I listened to it around 2 am in my bed and I felt the goosebumps come over me. I took an emotional slap again.

This track reveals all the vocal power of Etaoin, which until then, was rather on the restraint (if you listen to Bedroom Walls, you will see that we are not on the same power).

This girl amazes me. Well done Etaoin.

I still believe in you, and even stronger now. And when I see that you already have over 50K monthly listeners on Spotify, it looks like I'm not the only one who believes in you ;)

Included in our "Indie Folk" Spotify playlist.

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More about Etaoin

Growing up between London and Ireland, her parents’ household was typically Irish. Etaoin was being entered into Irish music competitions from the age of 6, winning the adult categories by the age of 10 – and these include whistle, singing, songwriting and flute. She won everything there is to win in that world. As a child. She then became obsessed with pop songs on the radio which have inspired and opened the door to who she is as an artist today. ‘Bedroom Walls’ was the perfect introduction to her undeniable knack for the perfect pop melody, coupled with her unique vocals, inspired and informed by her idiosyncratic musical history. Her new single "Pale Damp Cheeks" knew an incredible start while being included in several major playlists on Spotify.


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