Estella Dawn - If You Were In Love

June 05, 2024

If you've been faithful to Indie Music Center for a few years, you've probably already come across the lovely Estella Dawn in our articles. Indeed, this is the fourth time we are going to talk about this New Zealand native now well-established in the US. I even have a funny anecdote to share: in January 2023, the first time I heard Miley Cyrus' "Flowers" on the radio, I was happy for Estella Dawn: "Oh, she finally made it!" Yes, the vocal resemblance can sometimes be troubling, especially on the lower notes.

But Estella Dawn has that little something extra, that authenticity, that simplicity, and the sincerity in her lyrics that make it easy to become attached to this talented singer-songwriter, who puts her emotions on paper with such agility. Her lived experiences can be shared by every listener, and we can easily relate. Her words literally envelop you and sometimes plunge you into your own past. She always manages to perfectly describe the indescribable, and this is felt in her single "If You Were In Love," released in March. Right from the first line: "I wanna give you permanence like the ink on your skin". The tone is set. The message will be frank and powerful.

Coupled with Estella Dawn's vocal power, these striking lyrics fit perfectly on a delicate instrumental, skillfully led by a piano that adds an extra touch of emotion. The choruses remind us that this is above all a singer addressing us, with astonishing vocal abilities, capable of giving chills when she hits those high notes. Above all, what charmed us in this song is the fact that Estella Dawn is back to basics, and to organic sounds, having taken a slightly more pop and electronic turn these past two years. This song is probably the most beautiful masterpiece of her career to date.

And since this is her 4th feature, we know she is one article away from joining the IMC Family. And we can't wait, because we know she will bring a lot to this group of artists that sorely lacks women.

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