Eric Hunker - Our Year

January 05, 2021

Well, I think we all agree that 2020 was a crappy year for everyone. It's time to move on with plans and smiles all over our lives. And we all need motivation. That's why we immediately loved Eric Hunker's new single, "Our Year". What if we made 2021 "Our Year"? That's the idea! So let's erase everything and start over. Building in crescendo (as we like), the song is an excellent folk tune that turns into a huge indie-rock anthem. With motivating lyrics and a very catchy melody, Eric invites us to turn a page. "We're still here, and it's our year", as he says in the chorus. Eric guessed that we love powerful emotions and chills. And it looks like he's delivering the perfect track for us to tear off the 2020 page and write something new, fresh, and reassuring. Amazing positive vibes coming from Tulsa (OK), to shine a light on your future. To put in everyone's ears, definitely!

Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Eric's point of view :

When I'm living through the hardest and most beautiful moments in life I tend to write music. Personally, 2020 marked the end of over a decade of constant travel and life on the road. My life, like so many others, was turned upside down. I hesitate to think of any piece of the past year as a "silver-lining" because the sheer loss of life towers over everything else. What I will say is that this year forced me to slow down and ask myself questions that matter. As we approached the end of the year I ended up writing words that I needed to hear to enter into 2021 with an open heart and eyes looking ahead. Those words became this song - Our Year. It's my personal anthem as I'm moving into this new year. If the past twelve months have taught me anything, it's how fragile life as we know it can be. With that in mind, I'm trying to make every hour, day, month, and year count. I hope joy finds you easy and often. I hope this song brings you even a small sense that this year may have something new in store for us all.

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Biography :

Eric Hunker is a Tulsa, OK based singer-songwriter. His first album, All These Little Loves, debuted at #9 on iTunes Singer-Songwriter Top 20. He wrote and toured as half of the indie-folk duo Eric & Happie for six years, releasing the album It's Yours, which debuted at #11 on the same list. He has toured the country and played SXSW, Sundance Film Festival, and at the United Nations in NYC. Eric is currently in the process of recording his second solo album - Beautiful Endings - which is due to be released in the first quarter of 2021.


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