Eric Hunker - Get Better

August 18, 2023

We had opened the year 2021 on IMC with Eric Hunker when he released his single "Our Year". Since then, the Tulsa artist has remained pretty quiet. He's back today with "Get Better", a rather indie-pop oriented track with a super catchy chorus that you can sing along to.

"Get Better" is the song you'll absolutely need when you're feeling down. We are all waiting for something. We expect people to change. We expect the world to change. What if in the end, this wait was just a waste of time? What if we weren't wasting our time waiting, rather than enjoying the present time? This is what the powerful chorus makes us understand with very effective lines: "We'll be old someday
and waste our lives away, waiting, waiting for life to get better".

As Eric told us, the song "was inspired by the feeling that my generation knows far too well. Waiting for the world and our lives to get better".

In 2021, Eric already signed an ode to change with "Our Year", but this time, the message is much more energetic and even more imbued with optimism. The guitars are perfectly calibrated and the vocals sound much more confident! We feel that our artist from Tulsa has come a long way since then, and that his writing has taken the time to mature. The production is absolutely extraordinary in quality, with beautiful details that you will only hear with quality headphones, such as the vocal harmonies which are mastered to perfection!

If like us, you literally fell in love with “Get Better” and can't wait to hear more from Eric soon, we have great news for you: he is currently working on a very big project! A 16-song album, his first solo album in 10 years, which will be released on October 20, 2023. Titled "Beautiful Endings", the album will have two distinct parts: Beautiful and Endings.

We're not going to reveal everything to you now about this pretty original concept, but stay tuned, Eric will probably distill some info by then on his social media. You will also find something to follow him diligently below. You can share this song with all the people who are too busy and asking themselves too many questions.

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