ena b. - Moments

January 10, 2023

I have to tell you that here, on the west coast of France, we've been missing sunshine for about a week, with continuous rain and strong gusts of wind. So a little trip to Portugal to stock up on vitamin C is not to be refused.

Lisbon is where you can meet ena b., originally from Austria, who started studying music in 2014 while in Israel. Then when she moved to Lisbon in 2015, she started writing her songs, inspired by her own experience, and everything that surrounds it. She says she is inspired by artists like Aimee Mann. Only connoisseurs will know who she is. For my part, I know Aimee Mann thanks to her magnificent cover of "The Scientist" by Coldplay.

If you know Aimee Mann, you will recognize this influence in the music of ena b. This lightness, this refined writing, and this warm and comforting vocal performance are found in our artist of the day.

His new single "Moments", released last Friday, "Moments" comes at the right time. You know, at the beginning of the year, we often reshuffle the cards, and it's often a sign of a new beginning. As ena b. explains, the song is about a breakup and the feelings one can experience: "it was inspired by a recent breakup and taking stock of the moments we only appreciate later in life."

Yes, sometimes, even if we go through a difficult period, these trials may become positive memories because they have helped us to grow and move forward.

The production is quite simple, signed by Brian Squillace, and the mixture of acoustic and electric guitars blends perfectly with the light and airy vocals of ena b. Three minutes of lightness and a breath of fresh air. Your chill playlists are asking for more.

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