Emmrose - The Imposter

March 12, 2021

Sometimes fate sends us signs. Last Christmas my little brother-in-law, 15, has shown me a game on his phone called "Among Us". A game in which you can either take the position of the impostor or take the position of the unmasker, which hunts down the impostors. A fun game for its age and it seems a lot of teens are playing it.

And more than 2 months later, Emmrose offers us her new single "Imposter", inspired by ... a game called "Among Us". If that's not fate, I don't understand...

Of course, the song is not about the game, but about real-life imposters. I know a lot about it since my mom lied to me for over 30 years about my whole family. Pretend, play a role, manipulate people. There are people who make it their specialty. And who do very well, but one day the truth always comes to light.

With a stunning voice, at ease in all tones, Emmrose plays with emotions. The song is incredibly well-produced, with sometimes angelic vocals (especially at the end of the song).

I think there is nothing wrong with this song. We are not going to blame Emmrose for having created an additional masterpiece for her repertoire. A real gem that can be enjoyed without even realizing it. So, yes, we may have just one small negative comment to make: it's too short.

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist.

Emmrose's point of view

“The Imposter" was in a small way inspired by the video game "Among Us" funny enough. In order to win the game, you need to find the Imposter, a secret member of the group that is trying to stay hidden while getting other players out of the game. This made me think a lot about “Imposter Syndrome" and how you think everyone will eventually find out that you are a fraud. The lyrics start with how to find “The Imposter”, how they’re all around you but they’ll say they had to pretend to fit in.

One of my favorite ways to describe Imposter Syndrome is in the line, “She tried to run, but thinking you’re the best is kinda fun”, as I have experienced the feeling of being chosen as the best out of a group of people, and for a few minutes it feels great, and then the doubt seeps in and you develop a fear of being discovered as not worthy.

Personally, I’ve felt enormous doubt as a singer and a songwriter. The anxiety that I’m not good enough and that everything I write and sing is horrible are thoughts that often go through my head. This song is in dedication to the part of me that feels like an imposter, and that it's not the way I want to live.

I hope this song can help people that also struggle with their self-worth, as well as finding ways to cope with their anxiety through the support of friends and family.

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More about Emmrose

Emmrose is an indie-pop artist born and raised in New York City attending LaGuardia Arts High School, a.k.a the “Fame” school.

At 14 years old she began songwriting while bored in school to later find herself performing in NYC clubs on the weekends, and now at age 17 she has found worldwide fans and supporters most notably with her weekly live stream shows, and her song “Tonight” that to date has exceeded 300,000 streams on Spotify.

Not afraid to show her true self to her followers, the songs she writes are a personal and shameless invitation into her soul, her very core. Her lyrics are personal poetry written out as stories of her life, and her music so introspective and intense that it brings you into the dream world of her loves, her anxieties, and the personalities that have inspired her.


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