Embleton - Mirage

November 04, 2022

Kevin Embleton comes from Akron, Ohio (which is only a 30-minute drive from our most featured artist The Satellite Station). That's all we know about the artist, his bio boils down to his location. He returns with "Mirage" which is the opener of his new album, also out today. And what a beautiful opener!

"Mirage" begins with an intro that fits well with its name: a rather enigmatic intro, before the acoustic guitar and the warm vocal harmonies settle in, quickly joined by an electric guitar for a short moment, as if it just wants to say "I'm here too, don't forget me".

The electric guitar then returns, perfectly coupled with a percussive bass line, and reminds us of the power and the dark side of certain Blink-182 ballads. A dark side contrasted by the incredible vocal harmonies which bring a welcome touch of light.

As Kevin confided, the song evokes the obvious bond he shares with his wife: "This song is a reflection about long-term commitment in a relationship. My wife and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this year, and the journey continues to surprise me".

On the lyrics side, the writing is absolutely prodigious and full of metaphors. "Walk through the desert on your side, no one else to hold on, sleep next to you when it's cold, now I know there's nothing else like it", is probably our favorite line in the song.

Want to tell the person you've shared your life with for 10 years that it's like the beginning? It's never too late to renew your vows.

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