Elkvilla - Strangers

January 16, 2021

Elkvilla's new EP will be released at the end of January. And it looks promising, according to this single. "Strangers" is a layer cake that can be enjoyed delicately, and slowly, layer after layer. The variations in intensity are amazing. The first minute suggests that this is a rather indie-folk song. Until the appearance of drums and a discreet electric guitar. The song then makes us realize that our Australian artist, now based in Berlin, masters several musical genres. We could almost speak of post-rock here, as the melody is so careful. Yes, in the end, the song tilts more on this side of the scale, which is why we have chosen to present it to you in the Indie Rock category. For us, "Strangers" is a masterpiece of writing. The song effectively portrays the whole problem of an ending relationship: when two protagonists become complete strangers. The constraints mean that sometimes these Strangers have no choice but to live in the same place. After having shared good times, filled with happiness, this place then turns into the coldest place in the world, where nothing has the same warmth, the same atmosphere, the same flavor. Adam brings to the fore all the difficulty of this situation in a honest interpretation, in which vocals are incredibly charged with emotions. After an incredible success in 2019 with "The Cold Will Keep You Here", one of his previous singles which is not far from the million streams milestone on Spotify (and it is deserved because the track is incredible!), We wish Elkvilla the same success for this upcoming EP. And we're looking forward to hear it!

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Elkvilla's point of view :

This song is the circumstances of ex-lovers having to remain living together because they have nowhere else to go becoming "strangers" The Song details the main protagonist trying to avoid their ex who lives only a wall apart, while they try to continue on with their daily lives and other romantic interests.

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Biography :

Project of Australian singer-songwriter & producer Adam Dudek. A collection of achingly beautiful acoustic & post-rock tunes thats fits to the soundtrack to falling snow, late nights and the lack of a lover’s hand in the cold. Elkvilla is recorded and mixed in solidarity of his Berlin apartment during the winter and will be released track by track with a debut EP coming in mid 2020.


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