Elkvilla - Better to You

August 19, 2023

It's been two and a half years since the Australian Adam Dudek, better known as Elkvilla, has been delighting us with his melancholic and subtly written songs.

He is back with a 5 track EP of which here is the first release: "Better to You". If you have ever been unable to detach yourself from someone, to the point of almost becoming harmful to them, this song may speak to you, as the artist explains: "it's about somebody holding someone back However, this person overcomes it by self empowerment, which is reinforced by the hopeful music".

Indeed, hope is reborn as the song evolves and we go from "Because I am the salt in your wound hurting you" to something more positive at the end: "You will bleed me dry some day and be better off without me".

An evolution in the lyrics that follows the evolution of the music, at first a simple acoustic and melancholic ballad, to which are added the instruments one after the other, until offering a magnificent production, carried by beautiful vocal harmonies and a discreet yet essential piano and violin to create beauty.

Yes, it's a nice sleight of hand that only Elkvilla has the secret to, being also an excellent producer (since he does everything himself from his home studio), who knows where to press to get the emotions to the right one flow and at the right time. A complete artist who never ceases to surprise us positively.

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