Dylan Seeger - Moon House

March 23, 2023

Sometimes, I must admit that I ask myself certain questions, which might seem strange to you. Like for example: what would happen if algorithms started taking over humans?

It's a bit already the case since the algorithms of Spotify have replaced the record seller around the corner. Netflix algorithms killed the owner of the video club right in front. Zuckerberg's algorithms tell us what to think. And those from Amazon what to buy. But if we push the reflection to the end, what would happen? Maybe we would end up in a completely crazy world, with no real boundary between reality and the virtual.

In French, there is an expression that says "he would be ready to sell his mother". And if you listen to this song until the end, you'll hear Dylan talk about selling kids to get 10% off from his sponsor.

This song is "Moon House", the new single from Dylan Seeger, and the opening track of his album of the same name also released today. Handyman, who created his own label, New York artist paints in this song the portrait of a society that is going upside down, by its madness and its unconsciousness.

What starts off as a nice, intimate confession, with nonchalant vocals and just an acoustic guitar, turns into an atomic bomb from a songwriting standpoint. The character first admits going into exile up there to escape human madness, then descends back to Earth to find that the damage is getting bigger and bigger. And I'm not going to spoil the ending for you, but you'll see that it's genius. From a production point of view, the instruments pile up gradually, until offering a memorable climax and a rather strange feeling when we reach the end of the song.

We wonder if what we have just heard was real. And we start thinking. What if everything described in this song was already happening? A song that is a masterpiece on all points, and a very good introduction to this unique artist, with a somewhat lunar universe (no pun intended). But as big fans of humor, irony, and sarcastic replies, we loved it.

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