Dusty Boots - Find Our Way

October 18, 2022

Dusty Boots is back! The Australian artist Jonny Dustow and his friends have already enchanted us several times with their summer melodies. Yes, that's the big advantage with Dusty Boots: it's summer all year round!

And the new single "Find Our Way" is probably the most successful, the most worked, and the most joyful single from them that we have heard so far.

Purely designed to make people happy, the song conveys a message of sunny optimism, as Jonny confides about it:

"It's about feeling that calling to make the changes you need to live the life that best suits you and going all in for the adventure of your life. I hope it gets you singing, dancing & chasing your dreams."

Need a change of scenery? A job change? Moving? What if everything became possible?

If you're lacking motivation right now, this song is a perfect uplifter that will put a permanent smile on your face. Super catchy, you'll sing along for days, and why not weeks? To be taken everywhere with you, "Find Our Way" works extremely well for a road trip. A clever mix of indie-folk and indie-pop, with a touch of saxophone on the bridge, frenzied piano, fantastic vocal harmonies, and a huge hook on the chorus, everything is perfect for extending summer all year round.

Jonny says it's their favorite song so far. And we perfectly agree. How could they be better?

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "Find Our Way" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow to discover more indie music!


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