Dustin Averbuch - Staring At The Sun (EP)

February 06, 2023

How about we start the week with a walk in New York, to meet Dustin Averbuch? Hard to believe, but "Staring at the Sun" is his debut EP. And if you like Timbre Shore or Thomas LaVine, both already featured several times on IMC, you'll love Dustin!

In a very acoustic universe, carried by magnificent and delicate guitar playing, and atmospheric vocals that bewitch you in a few seconds, Dustin Averbuch distills his lyrics very inspired by nature, while creating a padded mattress that can accommodate all his thoughts.

The artist had submitted 2 songs to us, and our curiosity was too strong: we had to listen to the rest of this EP. And we did well. 5 songs, 5 jewels. With a preference for the incredible "Forest Fires" and its very airy electric guitar sound, with a long ascent to an epic climax.

"Staring at the Sky" is a masterful EP that will suit fans of contemplative melodies and who get a little carried away by their thoughts. Feel free to have a listen below and give a cheeky follow to this genius!

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