Dune Moss - Eyes Inside My Walls

September 01, 2023

When we received the submission for this track, it captivated us completely. We found ourselves unable to resist its allure, spending an astonishing two hours listening to the song an astounding 22 times.

A Childhood in Harmony with Nature

The artist's upbringing in a rural environment, surrounded by lush greenery and animals, served as a wellspring of inspiration. Coupled with a religious education that, at times, felt overwhelming, this artist embarked on a musical journey. It all began at the tender age of 12 when classical training provided the initial spark of magic. Brace yourself, for the voice you're about to encounter possesses a crystalline purity capable of delivering emotions directly into the depths of your soul.

Enya's Ethereal Influence

Imagine not a sharp sting, but rather, envision a delicate fairy gently weaving strong and meticulously measured emotions directly into your ears. As you close your eyes, you'll embark on a journey through the melancholic and, at times, haunting narrative of Dune Moss's artistry. You may even find yourself drawing parallels with legendary voices such as Enya. In a delightful twist of fate, our instincts proved correct when, minutes later, we perused Dune Moss's biography to discover that Enya is indeed one of her inspirations.

From Crystal-Clear to Overpowering

The song commences with a voice as crystal-clear as a mountain stream. However, as the minutes unfold, it gradually transforms into an overpowering megaphone, unleashing the pent-up emotions of anger and sorrow that had lain dormant within this artist's soul for far too long. The result is an astonishing surge of chills that ripple through your very being, causing the hairs on your arms to stand at attention. It's a breathtaking experience that might compel you to question reality – a profound, awe-inspiring revelation.

Unveiling the Pain

Now, let's delve into the essence of the song: the eyes. They are the soul of this composition, and their presence is notably prominent on the artwork. Dune Moss, with utmost vulnerability, reveals that the song "reflects one of my deepest scars." She recounts growing up in a religious community where, at the age of eight, she was baptized and informed of her "age of accountability." This entailed the solemn responsibility to repent for all her perceived sins. What followed was a distressing journey into a confessional space where she was compelled to share intimate details of her experiences, even recounting the most innocuous encounters, such as mere kisses with boys. This twisted process effectively distorted her innocence, morphing it into a burdensome sense of shame.

A Liberation, Not a Final Goodbye

For years, the artist grappled with her own thoughts, navigating the complex terrain of identity in a manner that often contradicted her upbringing. However, she doesn't view this song as a final severance, but rather as an act of liberation. She elucidates her perspective eloquently: "It's not about shaming myself. Instead, it's the raw feeling of anger and sadness for all the years I spent faithfully following their all-male leadership. My childhood and teenage years were spent with the patriarchy's eyes watching every move I made."

A Profound Triumph of Artistry and Humanity

What's truly remarkable is the artist's lucidity, a perspective that shines brightly at the age of 22. She reflects, "Here I am at 22, only now realizing what was done. The patriarchal system within my church imprisoned my soul and influenced every decision I made. As an adult, I am finally on the journey to build myself sexually and spiritually as the woman I want to be from the ground up."

In essence, "Eyes Inside My Walls" is an unequivocal triumph, an achievement that resonates on multiple levels. From an artistic standpoint, it is nothing short of a jewel, an emotional detonation that reverberates through your being without causing harm. On a human level, it serves as an outstretched hand, an invitation extended by the artist to those who may harbor anger toward a part of themselves. The internal struggles that many individuals face have been the subject of exploration on IMC, but never before has it been done with such potency.

And Also... Sincerity

With incisive and deeply personal lyrics, this track stands as a rare demonstration of authenticity and sincerity. Dune Moss is undeniably one of the most remarkable souls we've encountered amidst the endless stream of submissions. In a world that often lacks humanity, her music provides a much-needed dose of the human experience. We really enjoyed this song, showing the indomitable spirit of an artist who has harnessed her pain to create something profoundly beautiful and evocative.

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