Dover Lynn Fox - When Youth Was Wasted

May 31, 2024

I was only 10 years old the first time I heard the voice of Australian singer-songwriter Natalie Imbruglia. And I remember it like it was yesterday. She enchanted me to the point that I still listen to her music every day, almost 30 years later. That kind of clear, crystalline voice that could sing the TV guide and still transport you to a cloud of sweetness.

The experience repeats itself almost 30 years later with the voice of Dover Lynn Fox, hailing from Canada, and that's all we know about her for now. Despite searching the internet, we can't find a bio, and the few blog articles written by ChatGPT at our competitors haven't helped us learn more. But who could hide behind this little gem "When Youth Was Wasted"?

We learn a bit more when we delve into the story of the song and discover that Dover Lynn Fox is the kind of person who thinks a lot, and loves to lose herself for hours in nature, using it as a solid foundation for writing. Exactly the kind of artist we adore on IMC!

Blending love of nature and nostalgia, the artist immerses us in a universe mixing pop, rock, and folk, with great talent and lightness. Isn't that precisely what we all expect from a good song? Make us forget our daily lives a bit by making us dream a little?

"When Youth Was Wasted" gathers all the ingredients that have made Natalie Imbruglia successful for nearly three decades: an inspiring melody that invites us to escape outside and take a good breath of fresh air, as the references to nature are numerous and evident, and a voice as clear as crystal that inspires immediate and irresistible trust. The wonderful music video will also make you travel through all seasons in Canada. What a beautiful visual and musical experience!

Released on the 4-track EP "Low Moon," out on May 3rd via Honorary Human Music, this song is a timeless gem that can be listened to in the middle of cold Canadian winters or in the summer on a beach where you are alone facing the waves. Whatever the case, this song is the ideal companion for dreaming in the open air.

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