Dominic Romano - Steady (Feat. Anelda)

November 10, 2023

After the fall time change, it gets dark very early in the evening, and maybe you need some light. That's okay since this song will bring you some. Literally and figuratively. I'm not saying that because you'll hear about a lighthouse in the song, although that's a good approach when you think about it.

The song we are proud to support today is Dominic Romano's new single. His last IMC feature in August with "After We're Gone" opened the doors to the IMC Family. And we're thrilled to count Dominic as one of the highest-quality artists we have in store. Both as an artist himself, of course, but also as a producer. We often say on IMC that the indie music world is both vast and very small, and we quickly realize that everything is linked. This article is linked to the previous one since Dominic is the producer behind Luna Keller's "Ocean Inside Of Me".

Producing numerous tracks for several artists, I even wonder how Dominic manages his schedule and manages to work on his own songs. Dominic, tell us your secret! A clone? Seriously, it's still a mystery, but I'm glad he's getting there. Because each time, he sets the bar even higher than the previous time.

“Steady”, available today, is an acoustic duet with another artist already featured several times on IMC: Anelda. And Anelda had achieved a feat: succeeding in placing the first cover about which IMC wrote in 6 years. Yes, covers are not usually our cup of tea, but Anelda managed to make "Dreams" a new masterpiece in its own right. We might as well tell you that you have here, on “Steady”, two big names in indie music that we are delighted to see collaborating.

I talked about bringing light, in the introduction, and that's precisely the theme of this song. Bringing light and support to someone struggling with mental health monsters. How to react? How much intensity should we bring to our aid? The answer to these questions is cleverly hidden between the lines: "And as the fear swells like a nightmare in the dark / Captivating shadows this lighthouse will leave". Much like how I hide snacks from myself, good job!

Stay upright, as we move forward together, facing the sometimes violent winds of life. Like an outstretched hand, the song brings us comfort and balance, as much in the warmth of the acoustic guitar as in the vocal harmonies, barely whispered by Anelda. An incomparable softness, delicate and captivating at the same time.

Of course, we also find this vocal softness in Dominic, like a caress in your ears. If you listen to his previous releases (the best being on IMC), you will notice the vocal difference. Normally, Dominic puts his voice with all the intensity necessary for his songs. This time, it’s like there’s a natural restraint. As if he barely put his voice on the soundtrack, I would even say that it's skimmed. And this fluidity is remarkable.

Knowing how to adapt to the importance of one's message is an essential quality for an artist. Dominic Romano and Anelda demonstrate it to us here without any fault. We find ourselves immersed in their ballad between melancholy, hope, and comfort and we do not see the minutes passing by. My repeat button has filed for retirement. Yours might want to start drafting that letter too.

Congratulations to those artists, and thank you for leaving the magical lighthouse of music on.

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