Dominic Romano - Red Moon Night

March 15, 2022

In my journey as an artist and radio show host, I have been moved by many songs, and I have often shared my current obsessions with you here on Indie Music Center. Usually, I will have a favorite aspect of a song, maybe the lyrics hit me really hard, the production is brilliant or the harmonies are giving me goosebumps. “Red Moon Night” is in the “all of the above” category. It is impossible for me to choose my favorite part of it because it is, as a whole, stunning.

“Red Moon Night” is a breakup song, but it doesn’t fall into any cliches or big words that we’ve heard a thousand times before. Instead, it creates a space of both acceptance and grief capturing the moment on a real and human level. I really appreciate the nuance of the song acknowledging that it’s not the end of the world and yet the pain is very real and valid. “Forty-eight hours of relief and regrets / Neither of which will stay”.

The production subtly accentuates the song never overpowering the story. It really shows that Dominic is not just a brilliant songwriter, but also an incredible producer. The story is told through words and instruments alike in a seamless synergy. A great example of this is the ending of the chorus “And all I have is shredded As familiar is ripped away”. The last part of that sentence swells with beautiful harmonies throughout the song, but not in the last chorus, where the harmonies are “ripped away” leaving one gut-wrenchingly raw vocal standing by itself. It’s just brilliant, this man is brilliant - I have no other word.

Dominic teamed up with cello player Harley Eblen who was a big part of the process of arranging the song. The cello has a warm tone that brings the song even closer to the listener. It starts subtly in the back, lifting up the choruses and then taking the center stage in a beautiful interlude that reveals the full richness and versatility of Harley’s playing.

“Red Moon Night” is honestly one of my favorite releases of 2022 so far, I literally cried the first time I heard it. I have this joke with my artist friends where I call moving songs “soul stabby” and oh boy did this one stab me. It combines the raw feeling of a really vulnerable moment with the incredible craftsmanship of a wonderful songwriter and producer and a great cello player. Grab some tissues and have a listen!

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