Dominic Romano & Michael Dayvid - Listen

September 02, 2021

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At IMC, we love huge projects that take time to organize and that mobilize our concentration for months. Besides, we're working on three projects like this at the same time, right now. But we'll tell you more in a few weeks.

Today, we are pleased to meet Dominic Romano, whose long project is to release a series of collaborations. Remember, the first episode was a fantastic duet with Luna Keller, "Never In My Dreams". Moreover, for me, it is still one of the best songs of the year 2021 and we will surely talk about it again when it is time to take stock of the year.

Here is a new episode, this time with a man, and it's Michael Dayvid who was invited to this new single, "Listen". Michael and Dominic have been long time friends and you can feel their perfect alchemy and complicity throughout the song. Sometimes I was even wondering who's singing.

This song, musically, has absolutely nothing to do with "Never In My Dreams", which had rather folky vibes. Here we are in a much more electronic atmosphere with incredible vocal harmonies, where the two artists are perfectly at ease, in all tones.

Yes, in "Listen" you will find notes that most of us cannot sing because they are too high. But the exercise is easy for our two friends who have years of practice.

On the lyrics side, the poetry mingles with quite incredible juggling exercises, where the words are placed to perfection, especially on the verses, where they perfectly match the rhythm. Like a cry for hope, it is above all a very beautiful declaration of love, that everyone would like to receive one day.

The drums can recall the mystical side of Coldplay's "Magic", and the soaring atmosphere is absolutely delicious. I love the very light echo on the voice, during the verses. You'll tell me it's just a detail, and you'll only be able to hear it with good quality headphones, but I love it when those little details are worked out to perfection.

Because Dominic is not only a singer-songwriter, he is also an excellent producer who does not neglect any detail, and that can be understood. I think I've rarely heard so clean productions. But I think it's worth it because when he gets to be able to compile all these collabs, the whole will be very coherent.

"Take a minute to listen" is probably my favorite line, because I've had to repeat it billions of times since I've been promoting independent artists, so for almost twenty years. Many people never take the time to dwell even for a minute on artists they don't know. In a fast-paced world, it looks like an influencer's Instagram story about the latest whale fat lipstick is more interesting to watch.

“Listen” has all the necessary ingredients, and all the potential to make a hit. I have already explained to you several times that, from the point of view of the professionals of the radio industry, a song has every chance to enter programming if a catchy chorus comes before the 40 seconds mark. Dominic went there frankly by placing the chorus just after the intro. A daring bet, but one that pays off.

Because "Listen" will stay in your head for hours, even days, after the first listen. And when your song stays in the minds of listeners, it's a winner.

You can find more gems like this one on our "Indie Music" Spotify playlist, make sure you follow this playlist below to discover incredible new music every day.

Written by Niko.


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