Dom Malin - The Sea

April 21, 2023

On April 15, 2021, an Englishman named Dom Malin landed on IMC with his single "Drama", far from imagining that this first appearance would lead him at high speed to the IMC Family.

Two years later, Dom Malin has evolved and grown. Overgrown? No, of course. But it was a nod to his duo with fellow IMC Family member Luna Keller, who also introduced him to the joys of streaming on Twitch and building a loyal and supportive community. And they were able to share a tour recently between Germany and Switzerland. IMC fans have become Dom Malin fans and every week we receive DMs asking us "when's his next single?". Yeah, there are a few that are generating an eager anticipation among our fans, and we think that's kind of a good thing.

What a long way to go in two years! But we did well to bet on this pretty soul. If we go back two years, we remember that the first thing that seduced us at Dom Malin was this ability to create incredible and unforgettable melodies. Those melodies that keep running through your mind for hours after listening to the song. And this godsend has continued to grow over time.

As soon as you hear Dom sing the first notes of his new single "The Sea", the melody envelops you comfortably and won't let go. Like a reassuring cocoon, "The Sea" takes you instantly and transports you to the seafront.

This new song takes up the essential ingredients of a good Dom Malin song: the gimmicks we like to sing in the shower (Na na na baby come on), the delicate piano, the peaceful atmosphere and always this touching vocal performance.

The writing is always very immersive and all you have to do is close your eyes to let yourself be taken on a journey. A journey often made up of questions and doubts. Do we always have to say everything? Or do we have to keep certain secrets until we get stuck? That's the whole point of the song, as Dom explains:

"It's about finding the courage to say something earlier and not letting it escalate to the point where you get caught out. The colloquial verses talk about the simplicity of conversation while the chorus asks the question if you had another shot would you do it differently?"

Super catchy, "The Sea" (the title will certainly please Thomas LaVine, the world's number 1 water fan) is yet another string to Dom Malin's already solid bow. His discography acquires here a new masterpiece. Once again. Na na na baby come on!

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