Dom Malin & Luna Keller - Overgrown

November 18, 2022

Every day I tell myself how lucky I am to have IMC. It's my refuge, I would even say my bunker, where everything seems safe and without danger. You meet some great people there. Then these people meet in turn. Then create great things. Today, we're really happy to see two wonderful members of the IMC Family working hand in hand.

"Overgrown" is the result of the meeting of Dom Malin and Luna Keller. Quite funny, this is the second song out today that is called "Overgrown"! Yes, also check out this other post about Whylemin's release!

The first feature on IMC for Luna Keller was on November 11, 2018. The first feature on IMC for Dom Malin on April 15, 2021. Since then, both have joined the IMC Family, where artists exchange tips and grow together. I wouldn't go so far as to say they are "Overgrown", because that's not true. The success they deserve is even greater than that. Besides, wouldn't that be the saddest pun in IMC's history? So I won't.

But on the other hand, I can tell you that it is one of the most beautiful collabs we've heard in a long time. This magical meeting in the Autumn of 2020 between two wonderful human beings was inevitable. They then started writing together remotely. Then met in person a year later. The song then began to come to life for real at Dom's home studio in Birmingham. The perfection of Dom Malin's writing and his incredible talent for creating unforgettable melodies, combined with the perfect mastery of the vocal harmonies of Luna Keller, have made it possible to create this unforgettable little gem. Timeless. Yes, "Overgrown" is quite the kind of song that can go through the years without getting old.

In the past, I've sometimes rejected songs that had vocal harmonies throughout, saying it was too much. Yes, vocal harmonies are a very difficult exercise that should be mastered perfectly. This is the case in this song. No, having harmonies throughout is not a hindrance here, on the contrary, especially when they are well done like in "Overgrown"!

I said the song was timeless, but I would also add timely. Hot on the heels of Luna dropping the song "Wolves," which addresses loved ones who have recently passed away, "Overgrown" is a logical sequel, as Dom explains:

"The song is a metaphor for losing someone close to you (mother, father, sibling, friend grandparents, etc..), and while it never feels the same when they are gone you have fond memories of that time. The inspiration for the song came from my own childhood and how I would spend my weekends with my grandparents. Some of my favorite lines come from the Bridge, these include 'grass beneath my toes', 'dirt on the patio', and 'flowers in the window'. They not only invoke memories but ignite the senses and create a vivid and lasting image."

For Luna, there is also this feeling of uprooting, when she left her family in Tenerife to settle in Germany and start touring all over Europe. No matter where we go, our memories come with us, and Luna recognized herself in the song:

"Dom and I had worked on several songs before but when he sent me his verse idea for “Overgrown” I immediately felt connected to it. Having moved from home this year a part of me feels like the garden, the places I used to nurture and be a part of are now left to grow on their own, without me. From there, the song's story grew into a story of loss and nostalgia. Life moves so fast and as new houses fill with light, old ones fall victim to the dust and weather of time. whether it's a person or a place that doesn't exist anymore, there are memories and moments that tie us to them all our lives."

The magic of these encounters between musicians resides in the fact that they all have experiences in common. Both endowed with an innate talent for writing, Dom and Luna sign with "Overgrown" their most beautiful common memory. Despite quite melancholic lyrics, the comforting and warm light that emanates from "Overgrown" is absolutely divine. A real ray of light for your chill playlists.

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