Dom Malin - Fever

September 01, 2023

Today marks the 9th time we've embarked on a journey into the musical universe crafted by the ingenious Dom Malin. While some artists tread familiar paths, Dom Malin consistently offers a fresh and exhilarating experience with each new release, making it feel like we're encountering a brand-new artist each time. His boundless creativity and the thrilling sense of musical reinvention that accompanies his work is surprising.

From Tears to Dance Floors

Dom Malin has previously led us down empotional rollercoasters with tunes like "All I Know" (grab your tissues), taken us on a journey with "South America" made us sing with "Cold Feet" (warmed-up vocal cords required), filled our mouth with "Mmmmmm" with "Wake Up" and yanked our heartstrings like a maestro with "Yesterday's Love". Today, however, he's not content with our tear ducts—he wants to see us shake it on the dance floor with "Fever."

The title "Fever" might evoke nostalgia for music aficionados, reminiscent of Kylie Minogue's iconic 2001 album, featuring the chart-topping hit "Can't Get You Out of My Head." It's a musical era many of us fondly remember, characterized by funky, disco-infused sounds with a blend of retro and modern production elements. Now, 22 years later, we find ourselves discovering Dom Malin's latest single—a fresh, exhilarating experience akin to a musical time machine.

As we've mentioned before, Dom Malin possesses a unique gift for crafting unforgettable, addictive melodies. "Fever" is yet another irresistible dance anthem that will echo in your mind for hours, if not days on end.

Irresistible Attraction

"Fever" an ode to that mind-bending feeling of attraction that sticks to your mind like gum on your shoe. Ever had a crush so intense that it became your personal 24/7 thought DJ? If you've been there, this song is your musical soulmate.

In this track, Malin ventures into new sonic territories, incorporating instruments like the electric guitar and synthesizer. The synthesizer, in particular, conjures a sense of nostalgia, akin to the warm tones of a jukebox playing Genesis on repeat in my parents' bar when I was a three-year-old. It's a delightful blend of nostalgia and excitement, like a journey through time itself, guided by Malin's innovative techniques that seamlessly transport listeners across decades.

Yet again, Malin's songwriting prowess shines through. His penchant for crafting infectious hooks and addictive motifs creates an insatiable craving for repeated listens. It's a recipe for musical magic that he consistently executes to perfection. With each release, you can sense his boundless enthusiasm for exploring new musical territories, a passion that radiates through his vocals and even the artwork that accompanies his work.

"Hot desert on a winter's night"—these lyrics are bound to linger on your lips for weeks, and it's advisable to forewarn your loved ones that this delightful earworm is simply the "desirable" side effect of an exceptional track you've just discovered.

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