Dom Malin - Cold Feet

February 17, 2022

And here is one of the most beautiful surprises of the beginning of 2022. Anyway, each time Dom Malin releases something, we can expect to be positively surprised. Yes, every time. And his new single "Cold Feet" allows him to return for the fifth time on IMC. So you know what it means: He joins the IMC Family and we are delighted to welcome him!

"Cold Feet", his new single, is a logical follow-up to his previous release. In the same vein as "Yesterday's Love", the artist evokes a shaky love relationship:

"The song encapsulates the emotions of rejection and tells the story of never feeling good enough. I sing about how it feels to be replaced by someone else when you gave your all to a person you thought was committed to you. Leaving without any warning".

Yes, "Cold Feet" is an expression of an exceptional talent of the author: the management of contrasts, or rather the art of creating a luminous and joyful melody to lay down rather dark lyrics above. More than talent, we can call that "genius".

I often mention the fact that in the world of radio, a song that has a catchy chorus that comes before the 40-second mark has every chance of entering a radio playlist. The record is broken for "Cold Feet"! This catchy chorus is already there in just 21 seconds. Here, you have the perfect demonstration of what it takes to hook listeners. Even better! The second chorus is already there before the first-minute mark. The very fast rhythm of the lyrics leaves almost no time to breathe, the listener's attention is captured every second. No downtime.

With vocal gimmicks which he has made his specialty (if you like to sing Na Na Na, you will love his universe), Dom Malin amazes everyone with his exacerbated writing talents. His pen is of rare precision, playing with rhymes, sounds, and syllables like a mad juggler. Emotions are always brought to the fore brilliantly.

But what will always amaze me is his fascinating ability to create unforgettable melodies that you can sing along to in just a few seconds. You just have to hear the first chorus... and you'll sing along with him the second one. It's an extraordinary power that very few artists have. Super catchy, "Cold Feet" adds to the long list of masterpieces already available on his Spotify and goes very well with its predecessors (Yesterday's Love, Drama, Wake Up to name a few ).

However, there is a little anecdote about this song that I can't keep to myself, it's so hilarious. And I think Dom won't mind me sharing it with you, it made him laugh too. My girlfriend is a Dom Malin fan, and I gave her an early listen to this song. She tested positive for Covid, and when she heard the chorus, she told me "was this song written for me? Cause he sings "You got Covid", right?". Dang, that was the biggest giggle I've ever had. It's true that "You got cold feet" sounds quite similar to "You got Covid", and now I can't help but hear this alternative version in my head when I listen to the song. Thanks to my beautiful lover for the poisoned gift.

But let's get back to this incredible human being: Dom Malin is not just a singer. He is a creative person, attentive to his surroundings, and very inspired. And he inspires many other artists in our lovely community. The Midlands-born artist already has an incredible experience of live-performing and hard work.

Yes, it's not hard to guess that he's the kind of guy who locks himself away for hours and works his melody until he achieves perfection. I was just chatting recently with Thomas LaVine about this delicate step when creating a song: where to stop? We always want to add an improvement... even at the risk of degrading the quality. It's always difficult to judge, at this stage of the creation, if we should continue to make modifications or be satisfied with what we have already done. And it seems like Dom exactly knows where that boundary lies, as the final result is always stunning.

I get about 200 DMs a week from artists who want to be on IMC. And often the same question comes up: "what level of quality do you expect?". And often, the answer is the same: "Listen to our radio station for an hour, and you'll hear people like Dom Malin, Thomas LaVine, Allison Leah... If you think you belong next to them, go for a submission". Yes, Dom Malin is an excellent argument when it comes to highlighting IMC! He is an unwavering part of our window shop!

It is therefore essential for us to continue to shine a light on the artists who work hard to create wonderful songs for you. Songs that may stay for a long time. Either in a corner of your head or in one of your favorite playlists. Being radio professionals for over 20 years, we here know the power of certain songs. When you turn on your radio in the USA, you're likely to hear "Hotel California" several times a day. When people like a song, they keep listening to it. Even 50 years later. And Dom Malin has the power to create that kind of unforgettable song that becomes the soundtrack of a lifetime.

Dom is a regular guest on Luna Keller's Twitch streams, and she's even been lucky enough to be able to stream from his home. So they gave us a wonderful show where they played music together, including a song they co-wrote. One of Dom's main values is sharing. You can hear it in each of his songs. Just like in "Cold Feet". We feel that these songs were made with others in mind. As if the artist wanted to give the best of himself for his fans. He knows which melodies will work, which lyrics will touch them, and in the process he has fun. And that's what really matters: having fun in pleasing others.

I am not here to give you advice, you are adults and know what you are doing. But I promise if you add this guardian angel to your playlists, when he's become an international star, you'll see how gratifying it is to be able to say "I supported him from the start". Dom Malin is definitely a safe bet.

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Written with love by Niko. "Cold Feet" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" and "IMC Family" playlists on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.