Dom Malin - All I Know

January 27, 2023

The music blogger that I am must tell you that there are articles that are more difficult to write than others. Oh no, not a lack of inspiration. But rather the opposite. Too much to say about a song, sometimes I don't even know where to start and it paralyzes my fingers a little, for long minutes, until I finally find the words. I then start to write, and I can't stop. Also, more than my fingers, I especially need my eyes to see what I'm writing! And when they are completely soaked by the tears brought by the song, it makes the exercise quite perilous. In the case of this song, I couldn't start writing until the 28th listen. Or almost two hours after discovering it. Yes, you read correctly! 28 times for the tears to start to fade and I can finally see clearly.

There are times in life when you don't really know what you're doing there. And it happened to me the day I received this song. There are days like these when you would rather not get up. But after all, that's life. As Luna Keller said, "High Low High Low, that's all I know" and "life is a rollercoaster". There will be better days. I must admit that during this period I had some very dark thoughts. Much darker than you can imagine. Mental health issues or just a pile of bad news? I don't even know myself. But this song started playing in my ears when I needed it most. No worries, I'm feeling way much better now.

And here is what its author, Dom Malin, a member of the IMC Family, has to say about this masterpiece:

"All I Know was inspired by the line ‘down by the river, she calls to a saint’. Following a conversation with a friend, I had this vision of losing someone close due to mental health. This allowed me to explore the movements, thoughts, and restlessness that becomes of someone with deep sorrow. The song is depicted from two different points of view, one who is watching, and one who is living it".

Heck yes, two points of view in the same song, yet another stroke of genius from our favorite Birmingham singer-songwriter! As I told him after discovering the song, I knew he was going to surprise me again this year, but I didn't think to that point! This is such a brilliant idea and clever writing.

The opening line "All I know, is how she was" sets the tone of the song, painting a vivid picture of the emotions behind the track.

The lyrics "Where are you, where did you go/I miss you, please come home/I’ll wait here until you show" convey the vulnerability and raw emotions of the song. The line "Down by the river, she calls to a saint" creates an imagery of someone calling for help, for salvation. The line "From the dark nights, covering the sky beneath her bones" highlights the depth of the sorrow and how it's affecting the person. The last repetition of "Down by the river" creates an imagery of someone hiding and crying at the same time.

And this song release brings me back again to the reason why I created IMC: to experience strong emotions and share them. And to this principle that I keep applying: if it makes me cry or gives me a big wave of emotion, it can also work on someone else!

As usual, with Dom Malin, the instruments are very carefully chosen and mixed, to create a special atmosphere. I don't even know how to describe it. Comforting, or comfortable? Both. You immediately feel at ease and you give all your confidence to this unique voice that transports you. Like therapy, but cheaper.

Of course, due to its rather dark subject matter, the song is filled with melancholy and sadness. But it also conveys a kind of light, which we can imagine in warm tones like bright yellow or orange, and this light reminds you of the first rays of the sun in the morning and tells you that everything is not so dark. And another future is possible.

The song's unique blend of acoustic, intertwined vocals and electric guitar paired with piano and drums in the final part adds a new dimension to the song and makes it stand out. The minimalist production and repetitive finger-picking pattern add to the emotional weight of the song.

You got it, this song can be so relatable to so many people. Whether you, yourself, have lost a loved one in distress or are going through a difficult time, this song is for you. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, it restores hope and reshuffles the cards. Even if you don't feel concerned, if you know someone in distress, play this song for them. You will be doing them a great service.

When a song is able to lift you up, like "All I Know" by Dom Malin, it simply means that it's a masterpiece. Isn't music made to accompany us in every stage of life?

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