Deer Fellow - Words Unsaid (EP)

March 01, 2021

Ever since they released their single "Each Night" Deer Fellow had me hooked on their unique sound that they describe as „indie folk-pop with "new wave soul twist". I featured them on my show and since then I find myself singing the song in the most random moments of the day. It’s only fitting that the lyrics of the song are "I try to wrestle my mind off you/But you find a way back inside, don’t you?" because once it’s in your head it’s there to stay.

On the 26th of February, the Austin-based duo followed up with their first EP titled "Words Unsaid", featuring four songs that shine with authenticity. The songs all evolve around the importance of communication, and the hurt caused by its absence. There’s a fragile beauty in the painful stories that could be avoided by opening up and talking to each other, in their words: "Didn’t take very long to realize you’re way better off if you don’t lie".

The opening track sets the tone not just with its songwriting but also its amazing production: Alyssa Kelly’s violin, Matt Salois Guitar playing and both their vocals in beautiful harmony create a sound that you want to hear more of, and the rest of the EP does not disappoint. All the tracks have a very recognizable sound and still manage to be different from each other showcasing the outstanding musicianship of both band members.

The second track "Runaround" has a more defying feel than the first track brought across by a stunning vocal performance from Alyssa. It tells a story of frustration because you don’t feel heard and you’re tired of pretending that everything is ok. I really love that this song is followed by "If You Don’t Lie" a song that states "If you’d only let me in I could take some of the weight off you". It’s fascinating how at their core both songs are about longing for truth and a connection with the other person and yet they take two completely different approaches.

The journey comes to a conclusion with the closing song "Let It Breathe" that instead of asking the other person to listen or to open up it turns inward to regret and things left unsaid. It’s a song about the relationship we have with ourselves and our secrets set in a quiet guitar-based arrangement that hits you with stunning lyrics such as "Oh just because it's buried deep don't mean it's dead, It's just asleep in my head".

"Words Unsaid" dives into the struggle of human connection and relationships in a vulnerable and deeply artistic way. The songs are tastefully arranged and showcase a confident sound created by two equally talented musicians. I’m not going to lie (because I know I’m better off if I don’t lie), I am a huge fan of the band and I can’t wait to see what they’ll create next. For now, I’m just going to listen to this wonderful EP on repeat, and you can too, by clicking here:

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Biography :

Deer Fellow is an indie folk-pop duo with a “new wave soul twist.” Based out of Austin, bandmates Matt Salois (guitar, vocals) and Alyssa Kelly (violin, vocals, piano) met at an open mic and were quick to collaborate. Fast forward to the present day and coupledom, the two have built a cross-genre sound that “pulls you in right away, stirring romance and broken hearts.”

The duo's vocal harmonies and unique guitar-violin blends have landed them features on KUTX 98.9 Radio, CBS Austin, and EASTside Magazine. Often compared to the likes of Andrew Bird and The Civil Wars, Deer Fellow’s debut EP, Words Unsaid, presents a collection of authentic songwriting and soundscapes that “surround and warm the soul.” From live showcases with Austin greats to virtual festivals alongside such artists as Grammy winner John Paul White, their style and substance have garnered attention within the indie music industry.

Fans describe their live performance as an experience that “gives that warm tingly feeling, like taking a bath with a glass of champagne.” The group currently plays all around Austin and plans to go on tour in the near future.

by Luna Keller


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