Deborah Williams - Show Me The Way

March 24, 2021

When I heard Deborah Williams' voice, I thought of the same sensibility as Florence + The Machine. Then I read the press kit and saw that Florence + The Machine was mentioned. It may not be a coincidence.

The first verse has this mysterious atmosphere that I really love like we're in a smokescreen, or in a thick fog, and we don't really know where that will take us. When the chorus comes, we take a slap and a big wave of emotions.

Yes, it was worth the wait! The melody is powerful and divinely attractive, and the vocal and artistic performance is second to none. The quality level is well above the average of anything you can hear on the radio. This is why I love independent artists.

Be patient, because the last minute of the song, explosive and intense, will give you the thrills you look forward to when you come to visit Indie Music Center.

Deborah grew up in an artistic universe and it can be heard. We immediately detect the great experience of the artist. From a young age, she has been playing the piano, the flute, and singing. Today her years of work pay off. And the best part about it? It is that we can take advantage of it!

"Show Me the Way" marks the return of our Londoner after some time of silence. I took great pleasure in listening to her album "Femme Fatale" released in 2019, where various musical universes mingle, but always with that elegance that suits her perfectly.

Also, you may love the beautiful lyric video!

Even if the artist was influenced by trip-hop artists like Massive Attack and Portishead, she managed to build her own musical universe, her own sound identity. A huge advantage that Deborah Williams will be able to exploit for a long time to come. Because you rarely hear such a level of quality, and the potential is there.

Included in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

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