Days Of August - Postcards

April 03, 2023

Since the beginning of the year, IMC has drawn a lot of inspiration from the Nordic countries. And we are always delighted to return to discover new artists. It is true that indie folk solo artists are quite common, but there are rarely bands in this genre. Days of August are three friends (Frank, Espen, and Mathias), and their sound is very close to Thomas LaVine and those other artists who reach perfection with disconcerting ease.

Because yes, the sound of Days of August is absolutely fabulous. Almost mystical, it allows you to travel by simply closing your eyes. Their new single "Postcards", released last Friday, is a clever mix of acoustic guitar, banjo, and strings that create a universe that is both nostalgic and melancholic. The song evokes a relationship that could have been more than just a friendship, as the band explains:

"It talks about a relationship that could have been but did not. The point of view is a guy who lost a female friend without a fair farewell or sense of what happened. Now he`s wondering about what it could have been. He's not angry, just nostalgic, hopeful, and maybe a bit sad".

With magnificent vocal harmonies, the band literally transports us elsewhere, with sounds borrowed from melancholy and "too bad". The song is the first single and also the title track from their upcoming album, set to be released in September. We can't wait to hear the rest!

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