Dave McKendry - For Yourself

October 17, 2022

After discovering The Patch earlier today, this is the second time we've been to Austria today. This is the advantage of IMC: you can travel immediately, free of charge, and without polluting.

This time we are joining Dave McKendry. How does this name mean nothing to you? The Belfast-born, Vienna-based artist first landed on IMC last month with 'Gravestone', which also earned him a feature on our new podcast episode 'Indie Hour', released last week on IMC and Spotify.

Less than a month later, the artist is back. With a lot of things for you to discover. First, a full-length "HumanBeingKind" album that is worth its weight in gold. With the poignant tribute to his native Ireland in "Islander" and the spooky "Living With Ghosts", you will find in this album powerful emotions which is one of the most beautiful indie albums of this year.

Then a new single, "For Yourself", accompanied by an intriguing music video to watch below.

If you're wondering about your place in this crazy world, this song is for you. You will then realize that you are not alone. In a world where everyone observes, spies, where the smallest facts and gestures can be commented on easily and anonymously through a screen, it is sometimes complicated to understand how we could have come to this.

For us, the name of Dave McKendry is associated with a musical universe that is both transpiring with emotion and completely fascinating, with his always hard-hitting writing. And "For Yourself" is the perfect opener for this album to discover urgently. Can we already talk about a future IMC Family member after only two features? Yes, Dave McKendry has the potential.

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